Identity post test

Will this entry import to DW?

Repost test

Will non-Cyrillic Services users get paid for reposting this entry?  Let's find out! Test over. Answer is yes.

How many comments can we see?

Okay, so let's leave a bunch of comments, then we'll screen some and see what happens.



i posted that so i can edit the text and the security setting :3

Sticky test

I'm making this a sticky, with the date/time untouched.
Entry tags:

quick obesrvations

The following notifications have been tested

Replies to my own comments: e-mail arrived, inbox arrived
Someone comments to a tracked entry: e-mail arrived, inbox arrived (according to [ profile] schwa)
Private Message: e-mail arrived, inbox arrived
Someone send me tokens: e-mail arrived, inbox missing
Someone posts an entry to a community: no e-mail, no inbox

is music still visible?

words words words blurds

Email channel activation PIN

Hi fiddlingfrog,

Please use this PIN to activate the Email channel on ifttt.

PIN: 4108

- The ifttt Team